Why is Bridal henna expensive than Party henna?


Have you ever wondered why bridal henna charges are higher than party henna? Let me help you understand the difference between the two with an example. Party henna is like buying a ready-made dress that is available to others as well, while bridal henna is like couture, its specifically made and tailored according to you. The difference can be seen between the two in terms of the level of detailing, customization and other specifications only for you and will be one of a kind. Ready-made dress might be pretty but it’s something that many people would own. In order to make that couture dress additional work, specifications and time will be required which is why it will be pricier than other ready to wear outfits. This is exactly the reason why bridal henna is expensive than party henna.

Below are a few other reasons why bridal henna is pricier than party henna

Quality vs Quantity

Party henna is usually done for guests and family to show they have been to a wedding. When done for a lot of people, these designs are done in a quick but efficient manner that it looks good enough and at the same time isn’t time consuming. Whereas bridal henna, it needs to be done with complete precision and accuracy as it’s a part of the bride’s attire. Every element is first designed on paper and then applied on the bride with precision. You could define party and bridal henna in terms of quantity and quality, Party henna is about quantity whereas bridal henna is about quantity.

Custom Elements

Party henna is usually basic and includes very general elements that are very common. Which is why it takes less time than to do a bridal. Bridal designs are more complex, they include difficult patterns, elements and figures that take a longer period of time to complete. At hatheli, we even include customized elements. They can be anything the bride desires.

Level of Intricacy

Bridal designs are highly intricate than party designs. They have a complex layout as compared to party henna designs and take a specific level of skill to complete those designs. Which is why we are always recommending bridals to be done by signature artist and party henna from junior and senior artists.

Planning and Consultation

At hatheli we offer consultation prior to the application for bridal henna. At this consultation a stain test is done, design patterns and elements are discussed, other specifications regarding custom elements are discussed which is all kept in mind during application. However, for party henna, there is no consultation or any other design requests. Designs are visually appealing but are very common.

Practicing new and complex elements

Practicing new elements takes up a lot of time. For bridal henna, many new elements are added which take up a lot of time when they are practiced. One of the many reasons why bridal henna turns out pricier.

Application Time

Last but not the least application time is one of the most important factors to consider as light party designs can take as less as 6 minutes whereas a light bridal henna can take around 30 minutes.

While both services are done with precision and neatness, bridal henna is far more complex, time taking and significant as it is a part of the bride’s attire, as compared to party henna. While both of these services require different level of expertise, hopefully now you understand why bridal henna is expensive than party henna.

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Iqra Farid

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