Pakistani Wedding Traditions

Weddings in Pakistan are absolutely extravagant and the ceremonies can last for weeks! From outfits to décor, Choreographed dances to food everything is done with the most precision and takes months to plan! Weddings in Pakistan can typically last from 3 days for up to a whole week depending upon functions and ceremonies.  Below are a few traditions that are followed by Pakistani cultured weddings.


Wedding dress

We typically associate the color white all around the globe with a wedding dress, brides are seen in a white gown with light jewelry, however it is customary in Pakistan for the bride to wear red on the wedding day. Even though the trends are changing but the color red is one of the main colors that the bride wears on her wedding day. One of the main reason of this is that in Indian methodology the color red is associated with fertility and spirituality, and as Pakistan was a part of India, the traditions are still carried on.


Bridal Mehndi

The brides are adorned with henna in Pakistan. Henna is typically applied on hands, arms, feet and legs of the bride in intricate patterns. Another cool fact about henna which people might not know is that henna has cooling properties. It is done to not just adorn the bride but to de-stress the bride from all the stress and tension associated with starting a new life after marriage.

There is also a myth associated with henna stains, the darker the stain the bride gets, the better her relationship with the groom! Also a fun tradition is hiding the name of the groom in the bride’s mehndi, which on the wedding night the groom has to find!

Dholki night

A dholki night is kept prior to the main events where the bride and her friends and family get together and get henna applied. Also known as mehndi party. It is a desi version of a bachelorette party where all the female relatives adorn themselves in henna, sing songs, play dholki and dance off the night.

Haldi ceremony or Maiyon

A day before the wedding ceremonies start, a maiyon event is held on which haldi(turmeric) paste is applied onto the groom and the bride. This tradition is done to bless the marriage as well as beautify them for the wedding. Haldi is also applied to close friends and family members by one another


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Iqra Farid

Iqra Farid

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